Nov 22-28 
Cultivate Gratitude as you Revitalize, Relax, Get Fit + Detox with Yoga, Core Fitness, Surf, Dance and Wellness Rituals. This yoga retreat is designed to empower you.

Yoga will Harmonize your Body, Mind and Soul.

Jungle Alchemy Core Fitness with bring you Strength and Energy.

Dance will Awaken and Restore you.

Surfing is Fun! Bathing in the warm Pacific is Cleansing and Refreshing.

Healing wellness rituals at the waterfalls and on the beach using native flowers, herbs, fruits and oils will Reawaken your Sensuality, Inspire you and enhance your unique Natural Beauty.

Hiking and Wildlife Observation in the Tropical Gardens, along the River, on the Beach and in the Jungle will Reconnect you to potent source Energy.

Join us in Costa Rica’s Blue Zone on the Nicoya Peninsula to live fully, dream big + have fun.