The world of Yoga may be hard to navigate. To put it simply, we take a holistic and spiritual approach to this ancient art.



Techniques and Training:
Sadhana: Includes Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra, Dance & Ritual
Asana Lab: Break down of over 108 Asanas, names in traditional Sanskrit and common English names, how to teach them, contraindications & hands on, energetic and verbal assists

Asana Families: Catagories of postures, general benifits, contraindications & sequencing tips
The Art of Sequencing: Learn to move your students in a way they have never been moved before. We will go over key concepts like the components of a class, building to a "peak pose", using theme and variation & counterposes  
Pranayama: Methods, Benefits, Contraindications & Teaching Techniques
Mantra & Chanting

Teaching Methodology
Effective Assisting: Enhancing the Asana
Components of a Class
Dynamic Use of Language
Intention Setting & Themes
Music: How to use Sacred Vibrations to Create an Experience
Voice as an Instrument: Tone & Tempo
Yoga in the World Today: Styles and Lineage
Qualities of a Good Teacher
Business of Yoga, Marketing & Social Media
Options for Certified Yoga Instructors

Anatomy & Physiology
Physical Body A&P
Subtle Body including Chakras, Bandhas, Nadis, Acupressure and Marma Points, Vayus & Koshas
Getting out of the Head & into the Body, Awakening Intuition - Thinking vs. Sensing

Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics
8 limbs of
Yamas & Niyamas
Yoga Sutras
Yoga in the World Today
Art of Ritual
Diet & Nutrition
Intro to Ayurveda, the 5 Elements & the 3 Gunas
5 Rhythms
Karma Yoga: Being of Service, Giving Back and Making the World a Better Place

YA Code of Ethics
Posture Clinic & Practice Teaching - students will be teaching Asana, Pranayama and chanting with partners and in groups, openly giving & receiving feedback
Each student must create & teach a 30 minute class to be critiqued by instructors and peers