June 5-11, 2016 | Thai Massage Fundamentals: Building a Healing, Transformative Foundation with Jill Duncan

June 5-11, 2016 | Thai Massage Fundamentals: Building a Healing, Transformative Foundation with Jill Duncan

Hours: 20 Thai Massage certificate awarded upon completion of training
CE Hours: 17 (NCBTMB approved)
Prerequisites: None

An in-depth introduction to Thai Massage, this intensive 20+ hour training is suitable for new students, massage therapists, body-workers, personal trainers, physical therapists, yoga teachers, those seeking an effective modality that is as good for their body as their clients and for ANYONE that wants to experience Giving and Receiving this beautiful, therapeutic art form!!

At the end of the course, students will be able to give a complete, basic 1 hour Thai massage, including supine, side lying, prone and seated positions. The techniques taught are not “beginner”, but instead foundational, powerful and sophisticated. Students will continue to build on the training techniques overtime through subsequent trainings (if desired) and individual practice sessions.  Jill will also guide students on using their inner guide to become strong, intuitive healers so that students learn how to transform the work in ways that is best for their body and energy.

In this course,  Jill introduces the theory of energetic and functional anatomy and physiology,  sen sip (Thai energy lines), windgates, Thai asanas or therapeutic postures, acupressure points and myofascial trigger points. Students learn basic principles of western muscular anatomy, trigger point therapy and patterns of muscular referred pain to provide the student with a much deeper diagnostic framework for client issues.

A strong emphasis is placed on body mechanics and practicing bodywork in a sustainable way. Many western style or table massage practitioners experience symptoms of occupational disability in hands, shoulders and arms due to reliance upon muscular strength of the arms and hands and a failure to understand the power of working from our center. In Thai bodywork, we use our hands, feet, knees, elbows, forearms and whole body along with martial arts and yoga principles to teach students how to move in an efficient, elegant and powerful way.  With strong fundamentals, Thai bodywork is sustainable and beneficial for the practitioner and will provide a deeply satisfying career that lasts many decades and provides unlimited positive benefits to people worldwide.

You will be amazed at what you learn in this foundational, grounding course as your learn the critical fundamentals of body mechanics, positioning, compression, stretches, energetic, spiritual and historical background, an intro to concepts of clinical work, and much more.

You will learn a valuable 1-hour professional sequence that you can immediately put to use with clients, friends, students and family. The focus of this training is to instill principles of full-body movement through carefully refined teaching methods that have helped thousands of students learn this fantastic art. It’s a PERFECT addition to yoga teacher trainings and anyone involved in therapeutic work for mind, body and spirit connection.

Every morning we will join hearts in a Bhakti Yoga practice to raise our vibration, balance our hearts and minds, connect to inner peace and love and experience our deep connection to each other as we set the intention of healing and learning as a supportive, loving sangha.

Retreat Price:

$1800 for a shared room early bird discount through February 15, 2016
$1950 for a shared room after Feb 15
$200 off to any Lakshmi Rising or Tantric Alchemy student 
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Shared Room
Are you a Lakshmi Rising or Tantric Alchemy student?

Sample Schedule:

opening circle, History of Thai Massage introduction (2 hour), Setting Intentions

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri - 5 hours of Thai training each day= 20 HOUR
yoga 7:30-9am
breakfast  9am
thai session 11am-2pm (3 hour)
lunch 2pm
thai session 3:30-5:30pm (2 hour)
evening Thai practice 5:30-7pm (mentored, open practice)
dinner at 7pm

yoga 7:30-8:30am
excursion day with a group trip to the beach in santa teresa for a surf lesson or a snorkeling trip at tortuga island

yoga 7:30-8:30am
wrap up/Q&A 8:30-9
breakfast 9am

What’s Included in the training price?

  • 7 days and 6 nights at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers (Eco-luxury double occupancy accommodations)
  • 3 gourmet organic plant-based meals every day beginning with lunch on Sunday, ending with breakfast on Saturday
  • Unlimited self-serve Costa Rican coffee, an assortment of teas, organic granola bars and fruits to snack on
  • 5x filtered high vibration pristine mountain spring water for drinking and bathing
  • Daily yoga and Thai Massage classes
  • Thai Massage course book and 20 hour Certificate
  • Group excursion
  • Endless amounts of hiking and swimming in the waterfalls and along the rivers
  • Limitless relaxation by the pool, in the hammocks, in the gardens…
  • 13% Retreat taxes

What’s NOT Included in the training price?

  • Roundtrip airfare from departing country to and from Costa Rica 
  • Transportation to and from SJO to The Sanctuary at Two Rivers (recommended route is a 20 min domestic flight on Sansa or Nature Air from SJO to Tambor followed by a 40 min taxi ride) 
  • Airport fees in Costa Rica or your departing country 
  • Optional Spa Treatments 
  • Retreat staff gratuity ($10 per night) 
  • Travel insurance, if desired


  • Flashlight or Headlamp
  • River-walking shoes with good drainage (Teva, Solomon, Keene)
  • Flip flops, sandals, or crocs for garden walking
  • Earth-friendly personal care products: soap, shampoo, conditioner
  • Refillable Eco-Water bottle (our tap water is right from the source and delicious)
  • Compact umbrella (May-November)

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About Jill Duncan:

thai massage certification costa rica

Jill is a Certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner (TBP), Certified Thai Bodywork Instructor (TBI), Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Personal Wellness Chef and founder of Wellness by Jill. Her “work” incorporates her passions and her lifestyle which creates a synergistic way of living in her flow. Teaching and healing others is guided from the place of a balanced heart and mind and compassion for each person on their path.

Jill recognizes each person’s uniqueness but also understands that we are all connected and supported by a greater energy and that health and happiness have a direct connection to our relationship to the inner Self, inner peace and our spiritual and emotional path. She believes that everything is energy. And, by learning to listen to our inner guide, we can shift our energy state at any time, which lends to a powerful life!

Jill thrives on exploring her creative side and experiencing new things, but is also dedicated to committed, on-going education, studying and deepening her skills and knowledge. Her Thai Massage and bodywork practice is an art form, but is also clinically based, helping people out of acute and chronic pain and dysfunction. Her yoga classes and private sessions are creative and inspiring, yet taught from a place of devotion and sincere respect to various lineages. Her dietary coaching is rooted in her own healing path and desire to eat mindfully and also incorporates an understanding of plant science and nutrition.

Jill’s grateful for an illness (celiac disease) that changed her life at a young age. At 20, she quickly fell ill to chronic pain and symptoms of the gut which led to malnutrition and a majorly decreased state of health in body, mind and spirit. The drive to heal herself naturally sparked a shift in her life that has no doubt led her to where she is today – radiant, healthy and deeply compassionate about the state of our health as a society. Years of exploring energy practices, dietary shifts, and natural medicine created an experiential groundwork for what Jill offers to the world today.

In 1998, Jill found yoga! In a raw state of health, she looked to the practice in hopes of decreasing physical pain and ease of mind – a way to cope with distress in a diseased state. Yoga supported her through the rough times, providing hope and ease to what felt hopeless and dis-ease. Through inner strength and yoga, Jill rebuilt her physical and mental strength, creating a foundation to start exploring her emotional and spiritual Self. Her heart burst open as she began to dedicate her life to living in devotion and studying the deeper aspects of the mystical practice, rooted in connection to Divine Energy and the heart as a doorway to the Soul. Jill lives in gratitude and counts her blessings everyday while celebrating the light that lives in her heart as the flame that will never go out.

Jill originally studied Traditional Thai Massage in 2001 through SomaVeda Thai Massage at a residential retreat center, immersing herself in the history, theory, techniques and connection to the direct lineages of Thai Massage in Thailand. Jill now studies and assists at Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage in Evanston, Illinois, where she has completed the Thai Bodywork Practitioner coursework and the Clinical Thai Bodywork Practitioner coursework which integrates powerful Thai techniques with a deep understanding of Travell & Simons trigger point therapy, as well as aspects of osteopathy and asian medicine. She recently became a Certified Thai Bodywork Instructor (TBI) and is excited to teach this powerful, healing work to her community!

Jill has studied yoga with a variety of well-known and highly respected yoga teachers, completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Saul David Raye and is continuing her education via his advanced program, soon to complete her 500 hour training.

Jill worked in marketing and communications for Whole Foods Market and Bon Appetit Management Company where she built programs to promote healthy eating and sustainability. She also has her Sommelier Diploma through the International Sommelier Guild and loves to drink wine! Her past Wheatless Wednesday blog with Sauce Magazine features a variety of creative gluten free recipes!

Jill has many passions, is widely connected to community and is committed to karma yoga (being of service to others). She serves as a Board Member for EarthDance FARMS, volunteer yoga teacher for homeless programs at Peter & Paul Community Services, Committee Member for Rise ‘n Shine and Kirtan leader at various locations.

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