9 Poses for Glowing Winter Skin

No need to splurge on expensive lotions and fancy potions. Yoga may be the answer to your winter skin woes.

“Yoga gives you a glow by boosting your circulation,” says Liz Lindh, a holistic skincare therapist and vinyasa yoga teacher at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Cabuya, Costa Rica. “Vital nutrients are more available, so there's more efficient removal of cellular waste. Yoga also promotes lymphatic drainage, which reduces puffiness under the eyes and brightens the complexion.” Lindh created this 9-pose sequence exclusively for as an all-natural alternative to the pricey cosmetic solutions. “My yoga practice has expanded my confidence, given me tools to manage stress, and helped me become a happy, healthy, vibrant woman,” she says. “None of this comes in a bottle and it cannot be bought.”