Top 10 Yoga Pose Tips of 2014 

We combed through every issue of the magazine, Instagram post, and story to bring you our favorite instructional tips from teachers this year. Take them with you next time you unroll your mat and tackle the trickiest asanas.

Detoxasana: Boost a Pose's Cleanse Factor with Strategic Block Use
Yogis looking to rid their system of toxins after overindulgence can go the route of elaborate, mail-ordered, and meticulously planned (read: pricey) cleanses or turn to a weapon every practitioner has in their arsenal: the faithful block. This wise use for a classic prop from teacher Liz Lindh stands out as one we’ll keep in our bag of yoga tricks. But be careful: This belly flop–looking pose is wonderful for activating digestion and increasing female reproductive health by removing blockages.

Belly on Block
How to Do It: From Downward-Facing Dog, lower onto all fours. Place a block on your mat the low wide way and lie down on top of it. Align the block below your belly button. This is a very intense sensation, especially the first time you do it. Rest here for about a minute breathing slowly and deeply. Then press back into Child’s Pose for a minute to allow the increased circulation to bring your body into balance.