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Join Julie Tonks from Bikram Longwood for an inspiring week of hot yoga, meditation, ritual, a zip-lining excursion through the jungle, good friends and more!

Email Julie directly for the full details:

About Julie:

Julie Ann Tonks is the General Manager and Instructor at Bikram Yoga College of India, Longwood. Julie was born in Sykesville, Maryland in 1974 and grew up in West Palm Beach, FL. Julie was a ballet dancer for ten years and danced for companies such as The Palm Beach Ballet Society. Julie also played classical piano. She competed and performed up until the age of fifteen. Julie received her Associate of the Arts at the Palm Beach Community College in 1994.

She completed an intensive foreign language study abroad program in Jonquiere, Canada in 1995. Julie graduated from University of Central Florida with Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1996. Julie worked for a comprehensive mental health organization for about six years.

In 2007, Julie completed Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Hawaii. Dedicated to a the idea of a sound mind in a sound body, Julie received a Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition Certification through the T. Collin Campbell Foundation at Cornell University. She is a distributor for the leading whole-food-based nutritional supplement Juice Plus. Julie is also a distributor for The Tower Garden, a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system.

Julie spent most of her childhood sick. She also suffered from severe digestive issues and experienced debilitating back and leg pain as a result of scoliosis. After many years of research, Julie understands and experiences the power of proper exercise and diet. “I finally found the most effective ways to reach and maintain optimal health, Bikram Yoga and Juice Plus. Because I know what Bikram Yoga and Juice Plus have done for me, I dedicate the rest of my life sharing and teaching others what they can do for them.”