"When I'm 80 I will look back at my time here as the best of my life."

Lisa Woodard β€’ Age 30 β€’ Southern California

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher on one of our All-Inclusive
3-Week Intensive Immersions throughout the year.

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Hear what students who stayed at The Sanctuary for 3 weeks during their 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program had to say about their experience at our paradise in Costa Rica.

Life is full of choices. Make the best ones.


Life needs change in order for growth and transformation to occur. Actions speak much louder than words. When your actions align with a purpose magical things result.

Hear what graduating students have to say to you if YOU are considering the Lakshmi Rising 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with Liz Lindh.
What's it like to spend 3 weeks at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers for a 200 hour yoga teacher training retreat?

Live like a monkey. Or at least with them:)


Tapping into your natural roots is a great way to nourish the soul. So we built an eco-village in order to do just that! But we did it cool, modern and chic. 


Chill in the canopy!

Chill in the canopy!

Food Glorious Food.


Time = Energy = Love. This equation is how we approach health and wellness through the Culinary Arts & Sciences. Allow us to take you on a magic carpet dining ride! You will never believe that we could blast your taste buds on that wild of a journey.


Portobello Gnocchi.jpg
Hear what yoga retreat and yoga teacher training guests have to say about Chef Naga's Gaia Gourmet vegetarian and vegan creations at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers.

Excuse yourself from our Jungle Paradise for a local Excursion.


Most guests never want to leave our Sanctuary but if they do there are many local fun and exciting excursions to be had. Zip-line through a jungle canopy, hike through the forest, surf the warm Pacific waters, maybe snorkel around a tiny island, or even dip under a waterfall, but no matter the choice the best thing about leaving The Sanctuary is coming back to Her.

Yoga Retreat guests enjoy our unique Waterfall Wellness Ritual only at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rica.

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