Clean. Sustainable. Energy.

The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is 100% off-the-grid producing 100 kWh (kilo-watt-hours) of energy every day by the use of our majestic sun.  We collect the sun's energy with 40 solar panels on the roof of this centralized power-station and store it in 24 renewable deep cycle batteries. A high-tech power inverter converts this DC power to AC power and then distributes it through underground cables to all 12 structures on the property. 

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Which means that guests do not have to look at unsightly power lines yet still have standard 110 volt three-prong outlets for our them to truly enjoy a carbon-neutral green vacation. One can charge their phone, computer, or play music with a docking station almost anywhere on the property!  Plus, we have independent solar hot water heaters on each guest house's roof, providing a spectacular garden-view hot water shower experience!

Our Environment benefits by The Sanctuary at Two Rivers being 100% off-the-grid by the direct removal of 7,017 lbs. of Co2 pollutants per year OR the equivalent of using 447.56 gallons of gas every year! 

Go Greener in the Jungle!!

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