Graduate Spotlight: Siobhan McGovern

Q) What you are up to and how you are incorporating what you learned at Lakshmi Rising into your life now?

A) Since graduating from Lakshmi Rising, I went to New York City and Toronto to visit family and friends as well as see some live music, visit some art galleries and do a lot of walking around the cities.  Now I am back at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers where I am participating in the culinary internship, making beautiful, organic and fresh Gaia Gourmet Cuisine for all the guests that pass through.  In some new creative endeavors, I have been exploring photography, learning to play the gong and leading Sound Healing Meditations and I am also writing and recording original music. I released my first ever song, Nourish, just last month.  Based on my experiences here at The Sanctuary, NOURISH is about going on an inward journey of self-healing, releasing past experiences, diving deeper into yogic practices (asana, pranayama, meditation, energy work), connecting with nature and nourishing your mind, body and soul. 

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Q) What does Yoga mean to you?

A) To me Yoga is the connection of mind, body and soul. It means breathing, awareness and grounding...not just on the yoga mat but in all areas of life. 

Q) What is the secret to a happy life?  

A) DEEP BREATHING! I'm serious, breathing is everything! When we bring awareness to our quality of breath and take time to do breathing exercises each day, we are able to calm our mind chatter and move stagnant energy out of our bodies.

Q) What are you grateful for?

A) I am grateful for so many things….my top picks are….my amazing friends and family, my health and water!

Q) If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

A) I would reverse all the destruction that we have caused to Mother Earth.

Q) Who are your heroes in real life?

A) My parents. I am so blessed to have a beautiful set of parents that modeled a strong work ethic and the importance of community, encouraged independence, nurtured my interests and supported me in every aspect of my life. 

Q) If you could be any animal, which would you be? Why?

A) A cat, mainly independent and wandering free but coming in for a dose of cuddles when required!

Q) What is your current state of mind?

A) Calm, joyful and creative.

Q) What is your mantra?

A) You have to be lit to light others - this is a mantra I have connected with since attending music school and specifically is useful for teaching and performing

More recently, I have been using the mantra for the goddess Durga - Om Hrim Dum Durgaye Namaha - destroying negative energy and inviting in motherly energy, unconditional love, safety and protection.