Hear what graduating students have to say to YOU if you are considering joining Tantric Alchemy Institute Divine Wisdom 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

Divine Wisdom 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

June 3 - 30, 2018
June 2 - 29, 2019

Become a RYT 500 level teacher and deepen your understanding of Asana; 
including alignment & anatomy, adjustments & enhancements, variations & modifications, core activating kriyas, subtle energetics, psychological effects, restorative & therapeutic uses
as well as intelligent, innovative & potent class sequencing. 

Tantric Alchemy Advanced 300hr YTT Students will also learn about the
Classic Yogic Sciences of Ayurveda (Indian medicine), Jyotisha (classical techniques of divination), Vaastu (spatial alignment), Sanskrit, advanced Pranayama,
Mudra, Bandha, Mantra, Meditation & Ritual,
all of which greatly assist the expansion of consciousness and provide a new level of spiritual awareness, growth and cultivation of personal sadhana. 

The Tantric Alchemy Institute Advanced Teacher Training Program is by far one of the
most unique and transformative anywhere in the world.

“Tantra is a creative mystery which impels us to transmute our actions more and more into inner awareness: not by ceasing to act, but by transforming our acts into creative evolution.”
— Ajit Mookerjee & Madhu Khanna, The Tantric Way

To be a good teacher, we must be sincere practitioners and earnestly work to integrate the lessons of our own spiritual practice into what we wish to teach. Our goal for the Tantric Alchemy Divine Wisdom Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is to help our students develop their personal sadhana. We aim to provide the tools with which our students can access and work with the full scope of what the sacred traditions of Yoga and Tantra have to offer.

Though the traditions are ancient, it is our belief that they enrich and advance the way our students are able to approach teaching in the context of the modern Yoga Studio and classroom.

Tantra is a classical Indian philosophy and practice which is often misunderstood in the West. It is a complete system for liberation which builds upon the idea that everything we experience is infused with the sacred. One of the origins of the word “Tantra” is the root ‘tan’ which means to expand. Thus Tantra is not about rejecting the world or withdrawing from it, but expanding our awareness, expanding our sense of self, and expanding our sense of what is possible. The word Tantra is also said to be derived from the Sanskrit word for “weaving” and so it is a practice of integrating, of weaving together our experiences into a divine whole.

We use the term Alchemy to indicate that this is a transformative process. We are using the energy of our practice to transmute our experience of the world. This is the symbolism behind the alchemical crucible, the heat that is added to the container to refine the substance within.

In this program, we will deepen our knowledge of Asana, including the more subtle energetic aspects of its practice. We will also focus on classical Yoga practices such as Pranayama breath practices, Mudra, Bandha, Mantra and the power of the Sanskrit language, meditation, and ritual.

Yoga was traditionally taught alongside related and complementary disciplines and so we also offer knowledge of subjects that will help our students align their lives: Ayurveda for personal healing, Jyotish (Astrology) for helping to see our life’s path, and Vastu for learning how to organize our spaces and homes.

These varied topics fit into an integrated whole that gives us the tools to empower and enchant our own lives.

This training is for those who have already completed a 200 hour level training or by permission from the Director of the program. This advanced 300 hour teacher training will enhance the scope of knowledge for even the most ardent practitioners. The Tantric Alchemy Institute (TAI) qualifies graduates to register for a RYT 500 hour Yoga Alliance certification upon completion of this classically scripted curriculum based around the ancient tantric paradigm once found in India.