Modern. Spacious. Lofts.

Tropical Modern Zen Jungle Lofts are sensitively green-designed to harmonize within the natural environment, providing a comfortable up-close and very personal experience with Nature, exclusively at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers Yoga Retreat & Yoga Teacher Training Center in Costa Rica.

Modern accommodations yoga retreat costa rica

Each of our six Jungle Lofts places each guest at eye level with the forest canopy and her passing monkeys, singing tropical birds, and scented floral trees. Plenty of room to perch yourself on a hammock at canopy eye level with your favorite book, a pair of binoculars, digital camera and a glass of fresh mountain spring water. Screened-in open-faced walls allow for vintage viewing, excellent ventilation, and pleasurable sun and moonlight. Refreshingly cool slate stone supports the ambiance to relax, recharge, and reconnect.

Onwards and upwards in your own private tropical paradise. Upstairs in the bedroom mezzanine, guest beds have an unencumbered view to the jungle.

In the spacious bathroom and private dressing area there is ample sink shelf space for each guest. And right outside is a tropical garden view solar hot water shower with great pressure and wide shower head.

All of these Jungle Lofts are of a townhouse design with two lofts side-by-side. Each accommodates two individuals; each guest in a single twin bed, or combined to form a king bed.

Each side of the duplex townhouse includes:

  • 17-foot open-faced screened walls
  • soaring ceilings
  • slate stone lounge space with two lounge chairs and coffee table
  • bedroom mezzanine with two twin beds
  • private dressing room with sink w/ hot water
  • private toilet room
  • garden-view solar hot water shower
  • hammock
  • 625 sq. feet of living space

Note: While The Sanctuary loves children, our accommodations are not childproof; children visiting The Sanctuary require
constant supervision. The Sanctuary cannot provide this service.

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