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The Pool & Spa was designed to allow Yoga RetreatYoga Teacher Training guests to commune together during both day and night. The lap pool runs 43 feet in length and 12 feet in width, from 4' 5" to 4' 7" providing ample depth, width and length for the most avid swimmer to enjoy this excellent form of exercise. The pool is lined with fossilized white and pink coral, providing a great texture beneath your feet and a cool reflective surface making the pool's water exceptionally refreshing here in the tropics.

spa massage yoga retreats costa rica

We pride ourselves on contrasts here at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers Yoga Retreat & Yoga Teacher Training Center in Costa Rica so we outfitted our pool with LED underwater colored lighting, which can be set to various hues or sequence compilations of colors, lending an unbelievable high-tech light show in the jungle. The pool's deck is adorned with long adjustable chaise lounges as well as card tables and chairs and canopy beds which are just plain awesome!

spa massage yoga retreats costa rica

There are two partially enclosed but assuredly private massage rooms each with an adjustable massage table which can be enjoyed with a deep tissue massage or Swedish touch, acupuncture, and beauty skin care treatments all assisting to make your yoga retreat vacation more relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating.

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