Hike. Howl. Hang.

Meditate, do yoga, detox with a relaxation massage near a waterfall in the jungles of Costa Rica. The Sanctuary at Two Rivers Yoga Retreat & Yoga Teacher Training Center is nestled between two all-year-round flowing rivers with cascading waterfalls. This is extremely unusual to find anywhere in the world, let alone in Costa Rica. Combine that with the fact that we are only a mere 1000 yards away from the Pacific Ocean's warm waters and beaches, The Sanctuary has the best of all worlds and yet is relatively easily accessible. One can walk to surf in the morning and then rinse off in the waterfalls right before lunch is served. Guests can casually hike up and down the rivers where one will see ample flora and fauna which is only found in or on the rivers' banks. Or simply just relax in nature-made dipping pools, swimming holes, or enjoy an invigorating waterfall full-body, back, or foot massage, all of which can be had only minutes from your room and in between classes while enjoying a Yoga Retreat or immersing yourself in an intensive Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program.

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Our tropical jungle and wildlife preserve is home to various flora and fauna creating a vibrant ecosystem full of lovely scents and exotic sounds. All of this life assists you on a life empowering Yoga Retreat Vacation or Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rica.

For every tree that unfortunately and painstakingly had to be removed on The Sanctuary’s grounds we planted at least four new trees. They were all acknowledged and thanked before they were cut down. In addition, these felled trees’ wood was used in the construction process. Their branches were used in fire ceremonies throughout the seven year development process. We planted over 300 fruit trees of various varieties throughout our 40 acres. We have also created wonderfully vibrant ecosystems with specific fruit and flower bearing flora for the natural wildlife and many butterflies to thrive better in and around The Sanctuary at Two Rivers.

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