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The Yoga Pagoda is the centerpiece of The Sanctuary at Two Rivers Yoga Retreat & Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program in Costa Rica. It is the hub where all guests, teachers, and students gather throughout the day and night in order to connect with each other and to the teachings at hand. The facility itself was designed after a traditional Japanese Pagoda, except with a tropical modern twist and some imagination.

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Whereas in Japan, the Pagoda usually has a rock garden on the interior courtyard, we have infused a foyer with brushed quartz rocks set in concrete. The traditional "threshold" leading into the sacred space is upheld in our iteration with an imported Indian oxidized slate stone walkway. The differentiation and openness in the ceiling heights (up to 25 feet) and perpendicular eaves as well as open walls, adds not only to the Zen aesthetic but also allows for wonderful air ventilation, breathtaking garden and jungle views, twilight sunset viewing, and night-time star gazing without having to open a door or window. Facing East, one can practice sun salutations in the most supremely choreographed way, not to mention enjoy full-moon rising right before your third eye!

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The 1,200 square foot 1.25 inch thick tropical teak wood floor provides the ultimate shock absorbing material for yoga asanas, dancing in the moonlight, or just feeling good beneath the soles of your feet. The canopy roof was designed in such a way that there was no need for support beams in the middle of the room allowing for an expansive, unobstructed floor. We have supplied the space with 5 ceiling fans with lights, light sconces on the support post, mini-posts lights in the foyer and two modern bathrooms and closet for yoga props storage.

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The thoughtfully designed Puja and Meditation wing of The Yoga Pagoda allows for more intimate reflection and contemplation with a screened-in environment. Each of the four screened walls has two sliding doors which open up to the gardens and bordering jungle. There is a ceremonial altar for communal focus.

The center of The Yoga Pagoda holds our Salon, where guests can gather for teaching programs, film night, book reading, journal writing, and any type of socializing within any context or subject matter on our eco-rattan furniture with cozy plush cushions.

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