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Do I need to know the teacher or retreat host to join a yoga retreat?
No, you can sign-up for any yoga retreat or yoga teacher training on our calendar! Coming on your own is a great way to make new friends from around the world, experience yoga practices with new teachers and expand your horizons on a yoga adventure!

Can I request a private room?
Yes. We do need to charge a little more for that though. Check with your retreat host about the pricing and availability as it changes, depending on the season and the price of the retreat.

Will you accommodate special dietary restrictions?
We can easily accommodate a vegan or gluten-free diet. We can also omit certain nuts and legumes from our dishes but cannot guarantee a “nut-free or gluten-free zone” or that there has not been any cross contamination. Because of limited refrigeration space,  we do not offer green juices, fruit smoothies, nor can we accommodate a raw foods diet.

What medications and personal care products should I bring?
Bring any medications that you take daily and anything else you may need to make traveling more comfortable. This is not the time to go off of any medications. You may find it helpful to have some Advil, Benadryl, Bug Spray, Sunblock, Band-Aids, Neo-Sporin, Rescue Remedy, Lavender/Tea Tree Oil and Arnica on hand. Organic tampons or any specialty products you may use at home are not readily available here, so bring with you everything and anything you will need during your stay.

Does The Sanctuary provide basic toiletries?
No. We have found that the most eco-friendly way to approach the issue of personal care amenities is to forgo them entirely and have our guests bring the products they like in their own reusable travel containers.

Can I come a day early or stay an extra night after my retreat?
Since our retreat calendar stays pretty full year round, it is not generally possible for us to accommodate you here before or after your retreat dates due to the logistics of housekeeping, staff schedules and dining. We are happy to recommend hotels in nearby towns that you will enjoy.

Can I bring my dog?
We have some resident hounds (jungle rescue dogs) here at The Sanctuary who can be territorial when new additions show up to join the pack. There are also several other animals who call our wildlife preserve their home; some look cute and fluffy from afar but have sharp claws or other forms of protection that can do a number on curious dogs who get too close. For everyones stress level and safety, it is best to leave your four legged friend at home.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?
No. We have plenty of mats here for you to use. It is recommended for you to bring a yoga mat towel (like yogi toes or lululemon) as it can get hot and sweaty here.

Do I need to bring my own beach towel?
No need to bring a towel. We provide soft, fluffy, colorful towels for you to use at the beach or pool.

Is there an ATM machine nearby?
There are ATM machines in Montezuma, Santa Teresa and Cobano but getting there may not always be cost effective or convenient. It is best to bring all of the cash you will need.

How much cash do I need to bring?
You will need cash for taxi service from Tambor airstrip to The Sanctuary ($50 each way), airport tax in Tambor ($2.25 each way), any optional excursions ($45-65), taxi rides to nearby towns ($5-35), shopping or dining in town (prices vary), wellness services ($30-$120) and staff gratuity ($10 per night).

Do I need Costa Rican Colones (local currency) or are US Dollars ok?
No need to exchange money before you arrive. US dollars are widely accepted. It is most convenient to have small bills and exact change.

What is the closest international airport?
Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) in San Jose. You may find some good deals on flights in or out of Liberia but it is not convenient or cost effective to get from there to The Sanctuary.

How do I get from the international airport to The Sanctuary?
The easiest and quickest way is to book a 20 minute domestic shuttle flight on Sansa or Nature Air from SJO to Tambor (we prefer Sansa). From there we are a scenic 40 minute taxi ride through Costa Rica’s only Blue Zone.
You can also arrange ground transportation via Montezuma Expeditions or Tropical Tours. This is approximately a 5 hour drive leaving San Jose before 7am daily.

Do you have AC?
We do not have AC. All of our structures are either completely open air or screened in with ceiling fans for circulation. It is quite pleasant to enjoy the fresh air, listen to all of the jungle sounds and to live harmoniously with Nature in a very comfortable fashion.

Do you have WiFi?
Yes. We have WiFi available 24/7 in our Jungle Cafe area.

Are there places to go running nearby?
Yes! We have trails with rugged terrain that will take you to the top of our hillside or down to the beach. From the beach, you can jog, walk or run along the tree lined seaside road toward Cabo Blanco National Park and back again. Nothing is paved so pack your trail runners to keep your ankles and feet happy.

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