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Kula is a sanskrit word meaning Family, not in the ordinary blood lineage sense but rather one that envelopes a group of individuals with strong karmic connections coming together for a single purpose.

Our kula is comprised of dedicated yogis with strong backgrounds in the health and wellness sciences and decades of advanced studies in yoga and meditation. They have combined these skills to lead Yoga Retreat Vacations and Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs in Costa Rica taking their guests and students on their own life empowering journey and cultivating spiritual development exclusively at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, a Unique Boutique Eco-Conscious Yoga Retreat & Yoga Teacher Training Certification Wellness Center.

Yoga Retreat & Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program Costa Rica

Perrey Reeves -- CoCreator

It is by combining her talents as an artist and her philosophical views on life that Perrey Reeves has been dedicating her energy over the past decade into developing a place that infuses all of her character. It is called The Sanctuary at Two Rivers Yoga Retreat & Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program in Costa Rica.

Perrey was born in New York City and raised in the countryside of New Hampshire where she excelled in various outdoor sports and enjoyed recreational activities in nature throughout her youth especially where her family had a farm in the Berkshires. Her educational background ranged from years abroad in France and Italy to the Ivy League. However, drama studies were what really interested Perrey resulting in her choosing an acting career. Being exposed to so much diversity throughout her life there is no wonder why Perrey both calls Costa Rica her second home and is a critically acclaimed actress with a vast and broad resume in both drama and comedy. She is globally known for her most recent works as series regular Mrs. Ari on HBOʼs Emmy Award winning hit comedy series Entourage, her infamous role opposite Will Ferrell as his wife Marissa in the cult comedy classic movie, Old School, and for being one of Angelina Jolieʼs hot vixen assassins in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Off screen Perrey devotes much of her time to philanthropic causes such as Aviva, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Sea Shepherd, and The Uganda Project. In recognition of these efforts she was asked to co-host the 2011 Environmental Media Awards. She is a 20 year long vegetarian and has been studying and practicing Indiaʼs ancient science of health and wellness, Ayurveda, for 18 years. Perrey has extensive knowledge in the sciences of Yoga and Meditation having completed over 500 hours in several teacher trainings and intensive workshops throughout her 17 year practice with many Master Teachers such as Anna Forest, Erich Schiffmann and Rod Stryker. She has also studied and practiced extensively with Saul David Raye, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, various teachers from the Bihar School of Yoga, and Jai Uttal. Her spiritual mentor and close friend is Dr. Robert Svoboda. Perrey devotes much of her energy to Bhakti Yoga and Kirtan.

Yoga Retreat & Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program Costa Rica

Naganath -- Co-Creator & Plant-Based Chef

Naganath is the Plant-Based Chef and Co-Creator of The Sanctuary at Two Rivers. Employing his entrepreneurial skills, Naga has thoughtfully combined his personal insights and values molded from 27 years of eastern philosophy and spiritual studies with 25 years in the hospitality industry to birth and develop this grand magical vision in the jungle. Naga has completed thousands of hours of personal yogic studies and hundreds of hours of yoga teacher trainings with Master Teachers, Shiva Rea (her Advanced Teacher Training Program), Rod Stryker, and teachers representing the Bihar School of Yoga. Naga studied Ayurveda at The Ayurvedic Academy held at Bastyr University in Washington and has extensive studies in Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) with the guidance of his close friend and mentor in various occult sciences, Dr. Robert Svoboda

It was Naga's curiosity, devotion and earnestness in knowing Reality that allowed him to taste the fruits of the Tao, Zen, various Buddhist sects, Dzogchen, Vipassana, and Hinduism, all of which propelled and guided him to find a strong karmic resonance in ancient Classical Tantra. In 2005 Naganath was initiated by Shri Kapilnath into the International Nath Order, a modern Nath Tantrika sect established by Shri Gurudev Mahendranath with its roots in the Adi-Nath Sampradaya and Uttara Kaula Sampradayas of which Shri Mahendranath was holder of parampara and Guru. The Guru tradition and initiation of the International Nath Order includes wisdom teachings from Hindu, Soto Zen and Taoist sources plus practices rediscovered by the science and yoga of meditation, contemplation, mantra and ritual. Naga has a variety of interests to compliment and support his sincerity for the Eternal Wisdom such as Primitive, Oriental and Occidental Mythology, Alchemy, Jyotish, Vastu, Ayurveda, I Ching, Omenology, Carl Jung, Western Philosophy and Psychology, Social Anthropology, Quantum Physics, Sanskrit, Mantras, Kirtan, Pujas, Dhunis, Music, Creative Writing, Gourmet Vegetarian & Vegan Cuisine, Backgammon, Shiva & Shakti, and of course the Law of Karma.

Prior to moving to the jungle, Naga was a manager of Sacred Movement Center for Yoga and Healing in Venice, CA, (now Exhale Center for Sacred Movement) the studio which was then home to Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Erich Schiffmann, Mark Whitwell, Saul David Raye and Max Strom.

Chef Naga has designed and developed The Sanctuary's wonderfully acclaimed vegetarian and vegan menu, where he serves up a melting pot of creative culinary called Gaia Gourmet. His dishes are extremely nutrient dense with complex, rich flavor profiles involving high-end organic and healthy ingredients. Naga places a strong focus on vegan and gluten-free entrees, sauces, dressings and desserts. Chef Naga’s culinary program is optimum for ultimate health & wellness, progressive environmental consciousness, exceptional taste and pure enjoyment.

“I have known Naganath in many different capacities over the past number of years. As a friend he embodies a generous spirit, one who is open, honest, funny and very comforting to be around. Naga will never let you down. As a student he possesses a great aptitude and eagerness towards learning and mastering any subject. While Naga was attending my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training he consistently demonstrated a level of confidence and understanding that was on the level of any veteran teacher. As a manager, I experienced Naga as being very attentive and mindful to those working hard to assist the needs of the teacher and creating a warm and welcoming environment for the students. He is the epitome of leading by example and his intentions are as pure as gold. What more can I say other than it gives me great pleasure to recommend and support Naga in his future endeavors.
— Shiva Rea International Teacher's Teacher of Prana Vinyasa Flow and Trance Dance, Sacred Activist, and Author/Creator of over 30 DVDs/CDs who leads workshops, retreats and trainings worldwide.

Yoga Retreat & Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program Costa Rica

Liz Lindh -- Director

Liz Lindh is currently the director of The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, a unique boutique eco-conscious yoga retreat and teacher training wellness center and Nature preserve in Costa Rica. Here she created Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga and Wellness through which she offers Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Training certification programs and other wellness trainings throughout the year. She is also a faculty member of Tantric Alchemy Institute Divine Wisdom Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. At The Sanctuary and every where she goes, Liz offers lifestyle inspiration for health and awakening through yoga, movement, spirituality, meditation, self-care, ritual, exploration of the natural world, travel, adventure, environmental stewardship and creative self expression.

Dr. Lindh has has worked with many celebrities including award winning musicians, authors, actors, dancers, and artists of all sorts to inspire creativity, beauty and focus. She has worked with professional athletes in the field of sports medicine for enhanced performance, injury maintenance and prevention. Her extensive experience in Integrative Medicine includes research with stroke patients at Health South Rehabilitation Hospital, a short tour with a rock band as their private acupuncturist and assistant chef, presentations at the University of Miami Miller College of Medicine, the development and implementation of a yoga, meditation and wellness program for cancer survivors for The Wellness Community, an international non-profit support group, the creation of 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training curriculum approved by the National Yoga Alliance, and the formulation of her own line of herbal elixirs and beauty products. Liz’s yoga sequences, retreats and wellness concepts have been featured by Yoga Journal, MindBodyGreen and The Chalkboard Mag. She has appeared on TV, radio and online as a yoga and wellness expert, recognized by MindBodyGreen as a leader in the field of wellness and received a Mercury Love Award as “Best Yoga Instructor″. 

Liz has been exploring the path of yoga since the early 1990’s. Her dynamic vinyasa yoga classes are a fusion of fluid movement, flexibility, core strengthening and balance where you will find rhythm and awareness, breath and calm, ritual and rock & roll, integration of body, mind, heart and spirit. She teaches with the intention of spreading love, health and beauty. She continues to study yoga, movement, meditation and fitness across the globe with many great teachers.

She is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a holistic skincare and natural beauty expert, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and a Masters of Oriental Medicine degree from the East West College of Natural Medicine as well as several other certifications across many disciplines.

Liz’s mission is to promote personal and global wholeness, to enhance the expansion of love, awareness and consciousness, and to support the wellbeing and liberation of all creatures.

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